Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"gonna wish I had a little heads up, little lee-way, little more time"

I adore that song by the way. So much so that my freak October snowstorm themed kit borrowed it's name.    This mini kit was part of my DSD grab bag, but if you missed out on that, you can now buy it separately.  It includes 12 papers, and 26 storm/emergency themed elements so you can be much more prepared than we were personally for 18 inches of snow and a week without power.

I've made a matching alpha for you all.  You can download it here.

Want to see picture of the storm damage?  I swear our town looked like a war zone.  Driving to my grandparents the day after, you wouldn't believe how many streets were closed.  There were trees on the road every where, and power lines were hanging so low (if not completely on the street) that many places turned into one way roads.  

This was an hour into the storm.  We had  just lost internet and I was pretty grumbly about it, which led to the week long joke, when the power went out an hour later, "and then mother nature decided to teach you what real deprecation is..."

And this is the next morning.  We had to get a neighbor to remove the two trees in the front of our yard because so many of their branches broke.  The house looks so weird now.  

And this was two days later, as we were headed out of dodge.  We're pretty much the antithesis of outdoorsy, roughing it people, and once the gas ran out on the grill and we were no longer able to boil water for coffee, we were so gone.  We ended up holded up in little motel one state over, calling our answering machine every couple of hours to see if we'd gotten power back yet.

I'm all for adventure, but I think I could live without having to go through that anytime soon.  My grandmother had to go back to 1937 to even have a storm to compare it to.  And my sister, who's going to school along the coastline, barely got a couple of inches, and was back in school the next day.  


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