Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Kit - Carrot Colors, and Matching Freebie

Hello much neglected blog.  Remember me?  Hopefully, with Tax Season over, I'll have some more time to spend designing.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I've got a new kit in stores, Carrot Colors:

I seem to be starting this new tradition with my roommate, where every year, just around Easter, I have this same conversation with her.  "We should start a garden, grow our own food," I say.  To which she replies, with various degrees of laughter, "I can't even trust you with potted plants, now you want to start digging holes in our yard?"  And while she is probably absolutely right,  this probably won't stop me from asking again next year.  So here's to all of you with the talent and patience to grow things.  Or maybe, like me, you just like the color of carrots :D
Kit contains:
1 Alpha
17 Papers (12 patterns and 5 solids)
57 Elements - 6 Flowers, 5 journaling cards, 5 vegetables (3 carrots, peas, squash), 4 gardening tools, 3 bottle caps, 3 buttons, 3 brads, 3 frames, 3 labels, 3 ribbons, 3 seed packets, 2 pieces of tape, 1 banner, 1 bow, 1 bunny, 1 butterfly, 1 doily, 1 fence, 1 piece of grass, 1 leaf, 1 pot, 1 sign, 1 scatter, 1 splatter, 1 tree

Check out the matching freebie cluster frame too!

ADSR7 is coming soon!  So start looking for partners :D

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  1. I love it, thanks! I've posted a link to your blog in the Digi Scrappin Tips, Tricks and Freebies group on Facebook.